Chanelle Henry
ML/AI/UXer in Philly, They/Them

Dating back to 1989, I fell in love with a Macintosh Plus and the rest was history. My career in tech spans over 15 years, including roles such as UX Researcher, UI Designer, Storyteller, Entrepreneur, Writer, and 'Edutainer'.

My diverse background in arts, sciences, and theology has shaped my problem-solving approach, allowing me to work with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies, always bringing a passionately curious and out-of-the-box thinking mindset.

Work Experience
2009 — Now
Senior UX/UI & Product Consultant


I've collaborated with high-profile brands like the United Nations, ViacomCBS and GSK, spanning agencies to solo projects and startups. I lead UX projects, create & facilitate workshops, managing projects from concept to execution to create great user experiences.

I create deliverables such as prototypes, wireframes, user journeys, and audits.

2020 — 2022
Senior XD Consultant

Remote @ Slalom

I was the go-to for upping user engagement at Slalom, achieving a 20% boost. I conducted UX audits, user research, presentation design and animation. I also created marketing collateral for our team to set product direction, manage and mentor two XD Consultants.

I developed a Salesforce UX initiative that aligned with our Philadelphia office's business goals to help create a new service offering.

Collaborated with global brands to provide actionable UX/CX/UI recommendations based on findings.

2020 — 2020
Senior Digital Designer

Remote @ Viacom/CBS

Redesigned digital assets for media companies such as Paramount+, Nickelodeon, and CBS. Met tight deadlines and team collaborations, juggling like a circus pro. 

Contributed to project success with innovative designs, shaping go-to-market strategies. 

2016 — 2019
Researcher & UX Consultant

Durham, NC @ Duke University

While pursuing my Masters in Divinity and Theological Studies, I focused on empathy in tech and media. As a consultant for Duke Chapel, I improved student engagement through new marketing initiatives and developing strategies to increase tourist attraction and interest.

I was the Artist in Residence at the Engineering school for my extracurricular interest and forward-thinking work.

Created and designed marketing collateral to encourage student engagement.

2013 — 2016
Director of User Experience (CXO)

Remote/NYC @ Bluewolf/IBM

At Bluewolf, a global Titanium Salesforce Partner, I took on a challenging yet rewarding leadership role. I directed and mentored teams both nationally and internationally. I orchestrated over 70 Salesforce implementations, which led to a 100% increase in revenue and maintained a personal perfect client satisfaction score. My human-centered, data-driven methodology was a huge factor in IBM's acquisition.

The UX deliverables were created by just two UX designers, including myself, and were showcased annually at Dreamforce. In addition to leading UX projects and crafting prototypes and roadmaps, I collaborated with HR to create a UX pipeline, effectively streamlining project requests and resource management.

Provided leadership, direction and mentorship for different teams (nationally and internationally).

2009 — 2013
Founder & Product/UX Manager

Remote @ CHD Collective

I founded CHD Collective to challenge the traditional agency model. I led a remote team of over 10 professionals, worldwide, who I handpicked, recruited and mentored, focusing on rapid prototyping and UI designs across platforms.

I designed all the internal branding, marketing materials, and managed operations and conflict resolution.

Drove change within the tech industry, shifting gears in the delivery process. 

Most Recent Speaking Engagements
Tech & Empathy
Rails Conference 2016
U, UX & Awesomeness
Villanova WIT 2016
Too Late To Be Awesome
CodNewbie Podcast
Emcee & Keynote Speaker
ElaConf @ UPenn
Top Skills (number expresses # of years using/learning skillset)
Prompt Engineer & Conversational Architect
ML/AI/DL Experience Designer
Workshop Facilitator/Keynote Speaker
UX/UI Researcher & Designer