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Keynote Speaker, Emcee and Teacher

When I step onto a stage, grab a microphone, or sit down for a podcast, it's not just to speak; it's to connect, share, and ignite a conversation that matters.

Advocacy through Voice: Amplifying Empathy at the Intersection of Tech

As a passionate advocate, I've used my voice to spark conversations that merge empathy with technological innovation. From renowned stages like SXSW to virtual platforms embraced during the pandemic, I've shared my insights on cultivating compassion within our increasingly digital world.

My keynotes, panels, and podcasts have explored the profound impact of design thinking on user experiences. Whether deconstructing the nuances of inclusive design or delving into ethical AI, I challenge audiences to prioritize human needs amidst rapid technological disruption. Venues like the Kansas City Rails Conference, Philadelphia Women in Tech Summit, and Empathy Labs have provided avenues to illuminate this vital perspective.

However, my advocacy extends beyond the realm of user experience. I'm an outspoken proponent for destigmatizing mental health discourse, particularly within male-dominated STEM fields. By sharing my own battles openly, I've inspired others to embrace vulnerability as a catalyst for change. Platforms like Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman and SXSW Education have amplified this courageous dialogue.

Ultimately, my voice is a clarion call for a more equitable future – one where technology serves as an empathetic bridge rather than an impersonal barrier. Each engagement offers an opportunity to seed perspectives that celebrate our shared humanity while harnessing innovation's power to uplift society's marginalized members.

So whether I'm demystifying AI ethics, championing neurodiversity, or examining tech's role in social justice movements, my advocacy centers empathy as the human counterweight to runaway technological progress. It's a rallying cry to create resonant solutions for all people – solutions  that enhance our interconnected human experiences.

Taking the Mic:  Spreading Ideas That Matter

I'm not just a UX designer, I believe technology can be a powerful force for good, and I love using my voice to champion issues like mental health, equality, empathy, and their connection to the ever-evolving world of tech.

Hitting the Stage

From conference podiums to podcast studios, I've shared my thoughts and experiences on a variety of platforms  (You can link your resume PDF here or list some of the conferences/podcasts you've participated in).  Each interaction is an opportunity to spark conversation, challenge perspectives, and inspire positive change.

Why These Issues Matter

Mental health, equality, and empathy  - these aren't just buzzwords, they're the cornerstones of a more inclusive and impactful tech landscape. By weaving these threads into the fabric of design, we can create experiences that uplift, empower, and connect with everyone.

Let's Talk Tech for Good

Interested in collaborating on a speaking engagement or exploring how to integrate these values into your tech projects? Let's chat!

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