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Author, Writer, Designer, Illustrator and Believer

Writing is not just a means of expression for me; it's a way to connect with others, to offer insights, and to kindle change.

Words on Pages: My Storytelliing Journey

For me, the written word holds transformative power – the ability to educate, uplift, and spark profound connections. Whether crafting evocative poetry, engrossing narratives, or insightful articles, my passion lies in harnessing language to leave an indelible mark on readers' minds and hearts.

My debut book, Muted Nation, exemplifies this drive. Born from personal experiences grappling with mental health stigmas, especially within communities of color, these poignant verses give voice to those who have been systemically silenced. Each poem is a clarion call, inviting readers to embrace vulnerability as the catalyst for overcoming our deepest struggles.

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The Birth of "Muted Nation": A Story in Three Hours

"Muted Nation" wasn't just my first book, it was a testament to the power of embracing the unexpected.  Believe it or not, the entire story poured out of me in a whirlwind three hours!  It was a cathartic experience, a raw exploration of the complexities of the human mind.

(Read the full story behind "Muted Nation" here: https://medium.com/creators-hub/the-curse-of-imposter-syndrome-21ff9cc4efa8)

From Inspiration to Impact

But the journey didn't end there.  Finishing "Muted Nation" sparked a fire within me, a commitment to using my words to not only entertain but also empower.  (Read about my journey to finishing a project here: https://medium.com/writers-blokke/3-ways-to-wrap-up-a-medium-post-92b17a0a27e3)  This is why I'm constantly exploring new creative avenues, from upcoming books to innovative writing formats.

Beyond poetry, I've found a creative sanctuary in the realm of blogging. My Medium platform celebrates the art of knowledge-sharing, allowing me to distill my multidisciplinary expertise into illuminating essays. From deconstructing design principles to demystifying the ethical implications of AI, I aim to inform and inspire fellow professionals while making complex topics accessible to a general audience.

Looking ahead, I embark on new literary adventures that hold the power to leave an indelible legacy. Upcoming books will merge my backgrounds in psychology, theology, and cutting-edge technology, guiding readers toward a deeper understanding of our interconnected human experiences in an increasingly digital era.

Whether the ink spills across pages or pixels, my writing endeavors share a unifying purpose: to uplift, to educate, to foster empathy. For the world benefits most when our distinct stories culminate in a harmonious chorus, challenging assumptions and expanding our collective consciousness.

So while I may adorn different creative mantles – poet, essayist, author – my truest form is that of a storyteller, documenting the human journey through carefully cultivated narratives. With every pivotal piece, I aspire to leave an enduring impact, inspiring others to embrace the transformative magic that occurs when we bravely commit our thoughts to the page.

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